Pediatric Plastic Surgery NYC


Lacerations are often sutured by plastic surgeons to minimize scarring. and maximize the cosmetic outcome.

Injuries to children are stressful to both the patient and the family. Dr. Kressel aims to make the experience as stress free, as possible, for both the patient and the parents. This is accomplished by providing urgent care in a soothing caring environment. The goal is to repair the injury in a manner to minimize scarring. Often complex repair techniques are used which will reliably improve the cosmetic outcome. Dr. Kressel can meet families in either the quiet of his office or at one the hospitals with which he is affiliated: Mt. Sinai, Lenox Hill or Beth Israel.

Moles are often removed because they are deemed “suspicious” or for aesthetic purposes. Moles (nevi) are often removed surgically . Typically the surgeon will choose the excisional technique that will maximize the cosmetic outcome. Most moles can be removed in the office using local anesthesia.

OTOPLASTY ( Ear pinning) surgery is performed to correct abnormally protruding ears .. Typically the surgery will move the position of the ear closer to the head and often reshapes the ear itself. Candidates for this surgery surgical procedure of the body are usually children age five to six years old. This is one of the most rewarding surgeries for plastic surgeons  and  because it saves the  children from potential embarrassment in school and immediately increases their  self-esteem.

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