Micro-Current Machine

plastic surgery New yorkThe Remodeling Face machine combines the virtues of electrical currents and Biologique Recherche specially formulated products to infuse new life into the skin through
epidermal cell stimulation. It provides state-of-the-art tailored beauty care using bioelectronic

Remodeling Face® treatments result in wider eyes, more prominent cheekbones, softer
wrinkles, and an overall better designed facial contour. The Remodeling Face machine
stimulates epidermal renewal and uniform muscular effort; the benefits of which build
up from one treatment session to the next. The results are even more pronounced and
long-lasting if the user maintains a healthy life style and uses specific Biologique
Recherche products at home.

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Electric Currents

The Remodeling Face machine combines three types of current:

  • Galvanic Current which improves the absorption of the
    active ingredients
  • Low and Medium Frequency Current which tones and reshapes
    the facial muscles
  • High Frequency Electromagnetic Current which enhances
    epidermal regeneration

These three currents can be used either separately or in
combination, offering a wide range of personalized treatments for each “Skin Instant”.
Precise adjustment of the parameters enables the remolding process to be activated in
both the skin and in the muscles.

Beauty Treatments Using Remodeling Face®

Beauty treatments using Remodeling Face® can be divided into two stages:

  1. The balancing stage, which prepares the skin before treatment using serums.
  2. The treatment stage, which involves electro-dynamizating the Quintessential Serums
    on the epidermal interface.

This will create a subtle play between the currents, the serums and the epidermis. All
the settings available on the Remodeling Face machine are gentle and can be varied
during the treatment.

Balancing Stage

The first stage in all Biologique Recherche treatments involves achieving a balanced
epidermis through use of the Cleansing Milk, followed by Lotion P50 and finally the

Biologique Recherche mask application can be combined with the electric stimulation of
Remodeling Face to enhance its activation. This is the highlight of the Remodeling Face
treatment preparation phase. The aim is to prepare and cleanse the epidermis,
achieving a healthy balanced skin ready to receive the Quintessential Serums applied in
the second stage. All products and their combinations are chosen based on skin type
and sensitivity.

Masks to be used during Stage 1:

  • Masque Vivant – toning and purifying
  • Masque VIP O2 – moisturizing, toning and brightening
  • Masque Visolastine – moisturizing and regenerating
  • Masque Visolastine E. – moisturizing, regenerating and nourishing

In some cases in order to enhance the masks’ properties we recommend combining
them with specific Quintessential Serums, which are used again in the Treatment Stage.

Treatment Stage

Once the skin is properly balanced it is ready to receive the second stage of treatment
which combines the Quintessential Serums with the Remodeling Face machine.

This treatment will:

  • Moisturize
  • Tone
  • Boost reconstruction of the physiological epidermis

Criteria and results will vary according to the state of the client’s skin, her age and her
expectations. Some skin instants require more care than others and require treatments
comprised of both oxygenating and lifting. Others will require only one or the other.

Quintessential Serums are chosen based on skin’s needs. All Quintessential Serums are
rich in proteoglycans and peptides of varying sizes which actively enrich the skin’s
natural moisturizing factor, thus acting effectively and immediately. Esthetician may mix
up to four serums together to get optimal results.

Dr Aron Kressel

New York Dr