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Now is the time to begin planning procedures in anticipation of the warm weather.
To look trimmer in outdoor attire cool sculpting treatments should be on the short list.
With a 2-3 month lag time until optimal results are seen this is the time to schedule treatments for your muffin top love handles or your abdomen. Do it now so when summer rolls around the new you will be visible.

Many of the patients who have been undergoing coolsculpting are seeing their results.

Several of the patients have been coming back to reduce additional areas.
Now is a great time to schedule treatments to see the results for the summer.

Freezing Fat

the Zeltiq Coolsculpting process is a great way to reduce the “muffin top”, love handles and back fat that is visible when wearing snug clothing or bathing suits.

The process has been called freezing fat -cryolipoysis.
In developing the technique the designers realized that fat cells when chilled will “melt away”. This process occurs almost invisibly over the first few weeks after the treatment so it is important to judge the result at 2-3 months after the first treatment. Approximately 20-25 % of the volume of fat that has been “chilled” will melt away and be eliminated safely by the body.


New Zeltiq Machine

I am pleased to announce that the Zeltiq-Coolsculpting machine will be available for use next week.
The device is ideal for removal of localized fatty areas that have not been responsive to diet and exercise. The process takes under an hour and has no down time. The maximal results will take 6-8 week to be visible. The fat cells that are removed will not come back. During each treatment approximately 20-25% of the treated area will reduce. This is an exciting non invasive method to improve body contour before the summer.